Tuesday, September 3, 2013

if you can, stick around, we'll use lots of butter... SPECIAL B-DAY EDITION w/ chad, Chris, and Mike C.

Like fine wine, good buddies are hard to fine. Lucky for me, three of them (Mike C., Chris, and Chad) wrestled me out of the house for some birthday fun. We stopped by DeVeere's Irish Pub in Davis to get some beer cheese nachos and mussels, as well as beer, before we hunkered down into Lower Freeborn Hall for an experiment in radio programming. There was not a lot of foresight or planning, in fact, at every suggestion, any semblance of structure or game-play was thwarted. So, what did we do? We did a round-robin radio show, beginning with one of my all-time favorite bands The Clean and their track "Getting Older." From there Mike C. threw down a Bob Chance jam, Chris with a sudden Infant mind f***, and then Thee Chad with some weird metal track from The Tru Werewolf... we went on this way till everyone's buzz wore off, and we just wanted to get through the show. I love bringing guests down to the studio, whether they are new to the experience, or one of those amazing dudes I've been cribbing from the last 15 years (ie; Faulkner, King Alchohol, Donkey Flyby), it is always a blast. Listeners enjoy the variety as well; we always get calls from callers curious about the selections. for this show, I stood in the background, playing what I consider "the hits." Thanks guys for a fun outing and for putting up with me, as I'm becoming a real jerk in my old age. Now, where is the cake?