Friday, September 23, 2016


Job analysis provides information to organizations which helps to determine which employees are best fit for specific jobs (e.g. Wikipedia). With this in mind, can the application of music as a dimensional measurement of a worker's capabilities, or even job suitability, be a good representation?  If it is; what is it in music is a good summation of that representation? Is it the genre, which maybe can represent the psyche? Or the arrangements of notes to interpret emotional quotient. The timing of beats to ratio behavior? With music being so broad, and on its own a virtue to be analyzed, do we know enough about music as to use it for a job analysis?

For the purpose of argument (this blog). I will state certain assumptions or generalizations.  Based on my professional love of music, and from the amateur skills of my guitar playing to my in-depth knowledge of Grunge music - the good old days of wearing flannel shirts and Dr. Martens shoes; undoubtedly the 90’s was the best era for Rock n’ Roll since Woodstock.  My assumptions are:

I. That music genre can indicate personality. Rock is for blue collars, Jazz is for white collars, and Classical for artists.

II. That note arrangement can predict skills adaptation. The more complicated the arrangement is, the more need for inclination to understand it. Thus it can represent how fast an employee can assimilate in a certain work environment.

III. That timing of beats can identify a person’s behavior in a constantly changing workplace. The presence of "off-beat" and the adaptation to it can relay a person's multi-tasking abilities.

IV. That a "Minor scale" is complicated. Thus, understanding of it can represent intellect.

Although, there are a lot of factors to consider of an individual’s current status when it comes to music inclination; like family, financial stability, and relationships. All these that can affect the "state of mind" of an individual and can reflect his or her music references. Can we be congruent that these inclinations are not pulsating too much in frequency, so that we may attain an accurate data of an individual?

Music is so wide in scope, that maybe its variables are sufficient enough to represent behavior. Or as it may, that behavior can be directly proportional to music itself, and the reason why music has so much emotion in us.  After all…. people make music.

“Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be” – Kurt Cobain
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